Wee-Man beats up Steve-O. Because why not?

Apparently Wee-Man decided to stop by and visit Steve-O, which obviously led to shenanigans being filmed between the two of them. It also led to arguably the dumbest YouTube comment I have ever seen, from a user going by the name of COSMIC SOUL:

i can’t believe that me and wee man were in the bathroom at the same time when he stopped by to eat at tgi fridays where i used to work.

This is my life. Reading these things and posting about them on a Monday morning. I have a graduate degree. I feel like I should be better than this. Oh well, here’s the video:

Apparently the theme for BPM today is spanking. First Andrea is getting spanked, now Steve-O is getting spanked…I’m really thinking I need to find some new YouTube channels to subscribe to.

Before I go, here’s the usual rundown of previous Steve-O videos we’ve posted:

Previously, we’ve posted videos where Steve-O standing there and getting shot in the ass by Machine Gun Kelly with a BB gun, where he’s quite possibly giving himself cancer by going through an airport X-Ray scanner and where he dressed up like a gimp and running around LA bothering people.

…and don’t forget about the elevator prank he posted, because why not?

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