The Daily Show takes on Army hairstyle regulations

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been fairly impressed by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO. I wrote that “if you’re not watching Last Week Tonight, you should be. It’s like The Daily Show used to be…you know, when they actually told jokes and stuff.” That having been said, I enjoyed this clip from one of the more recent episodes of The Daily Show where they took on Army hairstyle regulations and particularly the problems that they cause for black servicewomen. Take a look, Baby Birds:

As is to be expected from any Daily Show clip post-2004 or so, it’s not particularly funny, but I did feel like they raised some interesting points. I would love to hear if any members of the BPM Bird Flock have thoughts on this issue – if so, feel free to send us an email with your thoughts at If enough of you respond, we’ll post some reactions here.

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