Throwback Tunes: The Alan Parsons Project – Sirius

Throwback Tunes is a special segment on BoomPopMedia where we will take a look at a classic song of some kind. Classic is defined loosely and is pretty much just Continue Reading →

Congratulations, Baby Birds! You’ve stuck with us for 1,000 posts!

Congratulations, Baby Birds! You’ve stuck with us for 1,000 posts! Yes, that’s right: this is BoomPopMedia’s 1,000th post. I told my father that I was writing roughly 10 articles a Continue Reading →

Robot Chicken: I’m the Best – Toad takes on a bank heist

Matt Hunter sent me this video and it’s awesome, because it mixes the best aspects of Mario Kart 64 with the film Drive. I feel like Robot Chicken is often Continue Reading →

Onion Report: A failure to prepre for the apocalypse

The Onion Report is a segment at BoomPopMedia where we will link you to a clever video made by the always funny staff at the Onion. All great satire makes Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Robot Chicken: Petroleum Pete

As I may or may not have mentioned before when Laff-A-Munich became a Must Watch Video, Matt Hunter is pretty good at finding random, funny clips from Robot Chicken. Believe Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Sesame Street: Share It Maybe

So this is an older video, but it’s cookie monster and I’m pretty certain that no one of my generation will ever get tired of him. Keep his memory strong, Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Nobody in Boston Wants Free Money

Morning, Baby Birds! Just out of curiosity, I guess, this guy decided to try to give away money in Boston. The people don’t have to do anything for the money Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: iPhone4 vs HTC Evo cartoon HD

All right, Baby Birds, it’s time for the final post of the night. I’ve never really wanted an iPhone – partially because I like being able to actually take my Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: A Tour of Kansas City

Evening, Baby Birds! In our search for the highest of high-brow content here at BoomPopMedia, occasionally we find humorous things that actually make a legitimate point. It’s not often that Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Chris Rock – Doctors & Drugs

In this Must Watch Video, Chris Rock explains the relationship between doctors and drugs. He argues for why we’ll probably never actually see a cure for things and instead we’ll Continue Reading →

Sir Bradrey Whitebeard: A Showcase

Many of you precious Baby Birds may not be aware of this, but today is actually a very special day: it is Sir Bradrey Whitebeard’s birthday! He turned like 619,000 Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Robot Chicken: Laff-A-Munich

Morning, Baby Birds! As some of you may already know, I love the film Munich – actually, if I’m being honest, I’m kind of insufferable when I talk about the Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Hilarious scene from ‘In the Loop’

Morning, Baby Birds. I’ve mentioned before that I really admire James Gandolfini, but surprisingly, although The Sopranos is what immediately comes to mind for most Gandolfini fans, I actually think Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Ho Hey Harry Caray

Ok, Bird-Faces (or whatever Joshua calls you) here’s a Must Watch Video that will unite you, the casual internet fan, with those hipsters sipping organic craft brews at the other Continue Reading →

Perry criticizes Davis over footwear, filibuster (Satire)

During a speech at a national Right to Life Conference earlier today, Texas Governor Rick Perry slammed Wendy Davis, the Texas Senator famous for her headline-making filibuster of Texas Senate Continue Reading →

Paula Deen in Talks to Join BET (Satire)

Just one day after learning the Food Network would not renew her contract, television culinary host Paula Deen shocked television insiders by announcing she’s in talks to host a new Continue Reading →

Daniel Day-Lewis originally considered for “Jobs,” replaced by Kutcher due to Kutcher’s talent and range (Satire)

In an interview with reporters about his upcoming film “Jobs,” Ashton Kutcher said that he only felt comfortable taking the role after reflecting on his own filmography. “Originally, the makers Continue Reading →

NBA Finals Game 7: Heat “Fans” File Out of American Airlines Arena Following 27-24 First Quarter Deficit (Satire)

Following Tony Parker’s driving lay-up that ended the 1st quarter of game 7–giving the Spurs a tenuous three point lead–the “fans” at American Airlines Arena headed en masse for the Continue Reading →

Snowden reveals Obama had secret plan to “let go” of Detroit, was stopped only by “Halftime in America” commercial (Satire)

Edward Snowden, the whistle-blower who initially rose to prominence after revealing the extent of the National Secruity Agency’s PRISM program, had another stunning revelation that he revealed to journalists early Continue Reading →

Actress “Amanda Bynes” Revealed to be a James Franco Performance Art Piece (Satire)

Following roughly six months of rumored drug usage, confrontational tweets, and general erratic behavior, it has been revealed that “Amanda Bynes” is really just a piece of elaborate performance art Continue Reading →

John Edwards calls being a father the “proudest achievment” of his awful life (Satire)

In a fundraising email to supporters on Father’s Day morning, John Edwards wrote, “I know I’ve done a lot of awesome things in my life and that I’m really just Continue Reading →

Tom Brady claims he will do “absolutely anything” to maintain starting position after Patriots acquire Tebow (Satire)

In an emotional press conference earlier this afternoon, Tom Brady claimed he will do “absolutely anything” to maintain his starting position as quarterback after Patriots acquired mediocre football player Tim Continue Reading →

Mark Cuban announces he’s developing his own gaming console because he can (Satire)

In a surprising announcement earlier this morning, Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and the former developer of, has announced that he’s developing his own gaming Continue Reading →

Futurama: Top 10 Episodes

I understand that Futurama isn’t a perfect series—jokes often fall flat in ways that they probably shouldn’t, and there are some episodes that are entirely forgettable—but it is far and Continue Reading →

Biden’s Gambling Record (Satire)

Editor’s Note: According to Wikipedia, which is the source of all knowledge, Biden apparently has had a net worth somewhere between $59,000 and $366,000. Bryan Roth and I had two Continue Reading →