Captain America: The Winter Soldier: A Review

Imagine a world where a secret division of the government controls it all. Where every move is a calculated one against the inattentive masses. Where a multi-billion dollar organization can Continue Reading →

Alison Brie wants to be in a sequel to Drive

Last night, I watched Only God Forgives again with my father. As BPM Superfans may recall, I had really mixed feelings about the film when I first saw it. But Continue Reading →

Like or hate the movie, 47 Ronin had an amazing soundtrack

Critics really didn’t care for it, but I actually enjoyed the film 47 Ronin. In fairness to the critics, though, it was an action movie that came out during Oscar Continue Reading →

Apparently hands were really symbolic in Only God Forgives

True BPM Superfans may remember that I have really mixed feelings on Only God Forgives. I was a huge fan of the kickass trailer, but I had really mixed feelings Continue Reading →

I present to you…Fear Bites!

One of our goals here at BoomPopMedia is to provide you all with content on a wide variety of topics. The day has finally come when we are no longer Continue Reading →

Robot Chicken: I’m the Best – Toad takes on a bank heist

Matt Hunter sent me this video and it’s awesome, because it mixes the best aspects of Mario Kart 64 with the film Drive. I feel like Robot Chicken is often Continue Reading →

The 10 worst films of recent memory

Obviously there are minor spoilers below, so either read it or don’t. I often get asked what my least favorite movies of all time are. That’s a tough question to Continue Reading →

Pompeii trailer released and it looks a lot like Game of Thrones

There’s a trailer released for the upcoming extended episode of Game of Thrones…oh, wait, I actually mean the movie Pompeii, starring Jon Snow…oh wait, I mean starring Kit Harington. Wow, Continue Reading →

Onion Report: A failure to prepre for the apocalypse

The Onion Report is a segment at BoomPopMedia where we will link you to a clever video made by the always funny staff at the Onion. All great satire makes Continue Reading →

Top 100 All-Time Greatest Leading Performances in Film…(100-51)

…And so we return to tackle lead performances in film. I’ll readily admit that assembling this list was a more difficult task, partly because, in the process of both projects Continue Reading →

47 Ronin Report: Trailer is released…and it’s awesome!

Keanu Reeves is back to doing what Keanu Reeves does best…kicking ass in slow-motion. For those of you not familiar with the story of the forty-seven ronin, it’s basically Japan’s Continue Reading →

Top 100 All-Time Supporting Performances in Film: Part II (50-1)

It’s Part 2 and the end! But before we get to the Top-50, let me provide disclaimers again: First, this is not a comprehensive list. I chose performances based on Continue Reading →

Only God Forgives: A Review

I’ve written previously about how much I love the trailer for Only God Forgives, but I have bad news: the trailer is far better than the movie. Only God Forgives Continue Reading →

Pacific Rim: A Review

I wasn’t sure that this was even possible, but the biggest problem with Pacific Rim is that it actually has too much plot. Seriously, Guillermo del Toro has made a Continue Reading →

Cloud Atlas: A Review

I originally wrote this review on May 2nd, 2013 for Pixcelation. With permission from the editor-in-chief of Pixcelation, James Herd, I am reposting it here at BoomPopMedia. I am neither Continue Reading →

Dead Man Down: A Review

With Dead Man Down now out on DVD, I can finally actually write this review and pretend that it’s reasonably timely. Niels Arden Oplev has made a film that wound Continue Reading →

Sir Bradrey Whitebeard: A Showcase

Many of you precious Baby Birds may not be aware of this, but today is actually a very special day: it is Sir Bradrey Whitebeard’s birthday! He turned like 619,000 Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Robot Chicken: Laff-A-Munich

Morning, Baby Birds! As some of you may already know, I love the film Munich – actually, if I’m being honest, I’m kind of insufferable when I talk about the Continue Reading →

Bad Boy or Good Guy? Take the Troy Test

I’ve heard it said that a girl should date a “bad boy” at some point in her youth but should always choose a “good guy” when looking for a husband. Continue Reading →

The 5 Best Forgotten Acting Performances of the 2000s

Afternoon, Baby Birds. This is a list I’ve always wanted to do, so I’m thrilled to get the chance to write this out now – I’m writing about the 5 Continue Reading →

White House Down: A Review

White House Down is the latest effort from disaster movie maker Roland Emmerich and somehow Emmerich has succeeded in making a pulpy-yet-fun summer blockbuster. You certainly don’t need to rush Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Garbage Day

Sir Bradrey and I often have disagreements about taking out the garbage – being the cranky, old man that he is, Sir Bradrey thinks for some reason that I actually Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Only God Forgives (Trailer)

Strange, eerie and, above all, unique, the trailer for Only God Forgives is by far the most memorable trailer to come out in recent memory. It’s somehow exactly what you Continue Reading →

The East: A Review

If you’ve seen the trailer for The East, then you would probably go to the theater expecting something that almost resembles a horror movie or a version of The Happening Continue Reading →