Titanfall: A Review

Balance and ingenuity are two areas that multiplayer focused first person shooters rarely specialize in. But a couple weeks ago, a magnificent game fell out of the sky and managed Continue Reading →

Titanfall Report: The beta is being released

Good news, Titanfall fans. It looks like we’ll be seeing a beta release here within in a month – possibly even as soon as Valentine’s Day. IBTimesTV is reporting that Continue Reading →

Is Amazon making a gaming console?

Lots of different outlets are reporting on a pretty interesting rumor: Amazon could be making a gaming console. The Street reported on the news, writing that: It looks, by Amazon’s Continue Reading →

Gears of War is headed to Black Tusk Studios

IBTimesTV is a really great YouTube channel to follow, particularly if you like information about tech companies. In this case, they’ve had some of the best recent coverage of the Continue Reading →

Random Wikipedia Link of the Night: Richard Jacques

Well, Baby Birds, this is a section that I’ll hardly ever do called Random Wikipedia Link of the Night – I need to think up a more clever title – Continue Reading →

Congratulations, Baby Birds! You’ve stuck with us for 1,000 posts!

Congratulations, Baby Birds! You’ve stuck with us for 1,000 posts! Yes, that’s right: this is BoomPopMedia’s 1,000th post. I told my father that I was writing roughly 10 articles a Continue Reading →

Uh oh…Amazon shipped out some GTA 5 copies a little too early…

For a few days, it looked like Rockstar had a somewhat serious problem: Amazon may have shipped out some copies of GTA V a little too early. So now that Continue Reading →

Titanfall Report: Adam Sessler tries it out

It’s probably time for another Titanfall Report given that I haven’t done one since we took a look at the actual design process of the Titans. Part of this is Continue Reading →

Titanfall Report: The design of the Titans

I keep going a while between Titanfall Reports, but a large reason for this is that Respawn Studios has been fairly tight-lipped about the project. I know it’s ironic given Continue Reading →

Onion Update: A look at the Xbox One

Evening, Baby Birds! While Microsoft may think that they’ve placated us all by giving away Crackdown for free, that hasn’t made me forget about how shitty the Xbox One is Continue Reading →

Titanfall Report: Why is Titanfall a Microsoft exclusive?

I haven’t done a Titanfall Report in a while, largely because post-E3, it’s a lot harder to get new information on video games until they’re just about ready to come Continue Reading →

Put Your Money Where Your Bumper Sticker Is

Let me begin by saying that despite my son’s (Joshua of BoomPopMedia) vast knowledge of politics, I am woefully inadequate to discuss most political topics with any depth. However, I Continue Reading →

List O’ Games: 5 Games I’d like to see on a hypothetical Dreamcast 2

Previously I wrote an editorial calling for Sega to return to the console market and announce a Dreamcast 2.0. While obviously this is an unlikely proposition at best, it did Continue Reading →

Titanfall Report: E3 Announcement Trailer

Afternoon, Baby Birds. As many of you know, I’m pretty excited for Titanfall, which is the one new IP announced at E3 that really caught my eye. I did a Continue Reading →

E3 Postgame Highlights

E3 is over, and this year’s show was quite eventful. The surprises had less to do with games and more to do with the features of the systems.  We took Continue Reading →

Iced Report III: So Fresh and So Clean

Good morning, Baby-est of Birds. It’s your lucky day, because Mama Bird is here with a fresh helping of digested stories you don’t really care about! I’m doing a “So Continue Reading →

List O’ Games: 3 reasons I’m curious about Titanfall

Hello, Baby Birds. While it’s hard to get too excited about the Xbox One given how much of a disaster their launch has been so far, there is one game Continue Reading →

Sony Press Conference Highlights

Sony ended Day One of E3 with simply the best news of the day, if not the whole conference. Delivering what could only be described as a knockout punch to Continue Reading →

Mark Cuban announces he’s developing his own gaming console because he can (Satire)

In a surprising announcement earlier this morning, Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and the former developer of Broadcast.com, has announced that he’s developing his own gaming Continue Reading →

Microsoft Conference Highlights

Microsoft kicked off E3 today with their press conference; they addressed the most glaring issue from their Xbox One announcement by showing us lots and lots of games—about 20 new Continue Reading →

Editorial: Dreamcast 2.0? Maybe it’s time for Sega to return to the console market

In this thread over on reddit, some users have been discussing what a Dreamcast 2.0 would like and one user, leftboot, even went as far as to make this mock Continue Reading →