Throwback Tunes: The Alan Parsons Project – Sirius

Throwback Tunes is a special segment on BoomPopMedia where we will take a look at a classic song of some kind. Classic is defined loosely and is pretty much just Continue Reading →

Harrison Ford’s Wife Force One

This video was first posted several years ago – seriously, YEARS – but has since decided to go viral again. It’s a fictional look at Harrison Ford‘s newest film, Wife Continue Reading →

Random Wikipedia Link of the Night: Owl City

Well, Baby Birds, this is a section that I’ll hardly ever do called Random Wikipedia Link of the Night – I need to think up a more clever title – Continue Reading →

DragonCon: MediocreFilms went around and hit cosplayers in the face

In our continuing coverage of the coverage of DragonCon 2013 – not a typo, we’re just that meta – we’re sticking with MediocreFilms and their terrific videos. Previously, we posted Continue Reading →

DragonCon: MediocreFilms has posted the hot girls of DragonCon 2013

Our usual source for videos of hot cosplay girls, MediocreFilms, has finally posted an update on DragonCon 2013. While you all have finally started to care about a lovely and Continue Reading →

DragonCon: An interview with Lucy Lawless

Previously in my pseudo-coverage of DragonCon, I posted an interview with Claire Coffee and none of you Baby Birds seemed to care. Then I posted a cosplay video and you Continue Reading →

DragonCon: Cosplay girls at DragonCon 2013

It’s clear from our search hits that you all desperately want pictures of cosplay girls from this year’s DragonCon. Luckily for you Baby Birds, the first YouTube videos of hot Continue Reading →

The 2014 GMC Sierra: A Review

Chevy’s classier cousin finally differentiates itself from the Bowtie. See my previous review of the Silverado here. In the world of pickups, Ford is the reigning King of Trucks with over Continue Reading →

Put Your Money Where Your Bumper Sticker Is

Let me begin by saying that despite my son’s (Joshua of BoomPopMedia) vast knowledge of politics, I am woefully inadequate to discuss most political topics with any depth. However, I Continue Reading →

On Book Collecting and a Digression on the Physical Book

Once I sold my 2004 Ford Taurus Station wagon, I thought I had no foreseeable milestone to achieve. You see, I had reached 280,000 miles (30-some thousand miles driven by Continue Reading →

Cars you could Buy for the Price of one 2013 Hyundai Equus

What you can do with a big ol’ pile of money at a car dealer. So I’ve already reviewed this car here, but I need to explain just how far the Continue Reading →

The 2013 Hyundai Equus

How to literally, as Kanye put it, “Win the Super Bowl and Drive off in a Hyundai” When looking at the world of luxury products, people seeing you with/in a yacht Continue Reading →

The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado: A Review

America’s Own (literally, the U.S. Treasury still owns part of GM) Pick-Em-Up Truck Roars into the 21st Century Since I work at a GM Dealership, I always get to drive Continue Reading →