Last Week Tonight takes a look at gay marriage…in the Nintendo universe

We post a lot about various Nintendo characters here, mainly because I am obsessed with linear fighters and Smash Bros. is pretty much the premier linear fighter series of our Continue Reading →

Simple Pickup had their donations to breast cancer awareness returned.

As I’ve posted previously, Simple Pickup motorboated girls for breast cancer awareness. I was a huge supporter of this because I love charitable YouTube videos. As I wrote at the Continue Reading →

Simple Pickup motorboated girls for breast cancer awareness

Simple Pickup went around and motorboated girls for breast cancer awareness. They did this by explaining that for every girl who lets him motorboat them, they’ll donate $20 to charity Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Crystal Caves – Donkey Kong 64 | Piano Cover

As an excuse to show off Esteban’s kickass new Must Watch Video logos, we’ll be doing a few back-to-back entries in our Must Watch Videos series. The videos must be Continue Reading →

List O’ Games: The 4 greatest duos in gaming

Everyone loves a multiplayer game and, let’s be honest, it’s nice to be able to have a companion on your quests. Sometimes you just need the help to bring justice Continue Reading →

The Kia Bongo/Besta/K-Series

The worst thing ever exported by South Korea is this. The second worst thing to ever come from the friendly side of the Korean Peninsula is Kia. I don’t know Continue Reading →

List O’ Games: The top 8 Nintendo 64 games

As anyone worthy of calling themselves a gamer knows, the Nintendo 64 is one of the best video game systems conceived by anyone ever. Not only because it was the Continue Reading →

List O’ Games: 5 returning characters who could be made into duos

The Ice Climbers are some of the most interesting characters in the Super Smash Bros. series, largely because of the fact that you’re playing as two characters. Granted, one of Continue Reading →

List O’ Games: The best and worst things about Mario Kart 64

Growing up, I never owned a Nintendo 64—I had a PlayStation and my parents wisely wouldn’t let me have both consoles—but in terms of hours logged, there may not be Continue Reading →

List O’ Games: Top 5 joint appearances from Mario and Donkey Kong

Arguably the two most popular Nintendo characters, Mario and Donkey Kong have a long history of sharing the stage in some key Nintendo games.  Going all the way back to Continue Reading →