This Wheel of Fortune guess is going viral, so I guess I’ll post it.

This Wheel of Fortune guess is going viral and people keep posting this video on Facebook, so I guess I’ll go ahead and post it here on BPM. Somehow, this Continue Reading →

Robot Chicken: I’m the Best – Toad takes on a bank heist

Matt Hunter sent me this video and it’s awesome, because it mixes the best aspects of Mario Kart 64 with the film Drive. I feel like Robot Chicken is often Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Tidy Cats® BREEZE® Litter Box System – Review from Hans

Evening, Baby Birds! Apparently we’re not the only ones who love Hans Hansenberg, because the new Tidy Cat commercials are going viral. The reason for that is because they’re hilarious Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Robot Chicken: Laff-A-Munich

Morning, Baby Birds! As some of you may already know, I love the film Munich – actually, if I’m being honest, I’m kind of insufferable when I talk about the Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Cat Litter, A Better Way – TIDY CATS®

Morning, Baby Birds. Here at BoomPopMedia, we pride ourselves on searching the depths of the Internet for the most high-brow, intellectual content we can possible find. After all, we let Continue Reading →

Hudee Ring Kitchen Sink EXPLAINED!

[Editor’s Note: For some reason, we’ve been getting search hits for ‘Hudee Ring Kitchen Sink,’ so being the Good Guy Gregs we are here at BoomPopMedia, we decided to find Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Haitian Weatherman

Hello everyone. So if you have 10 seconds to spare, you absolutely have to watch this video. It’s a clip from some sort of Haitian news broadcast, where the weatherman Continue Reading →

Avengers Report: How will Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. compare to the Avengers?

In some ways, the very premise of this article is an unfair one. Comparing the upcoming TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to The Avengers is a tough thing to do Continue Reading →

Kanye West – Yeezus: A Review

“Yeezy season approachin.” These are the first three words we hear from Kanye West on his landmark new album Yeezus—the first three words off the thundering Daft Punk-assisted track “On Continue Reading →

Actress “Amanda Bynes” Revealed to be a James Franco Performance Art Piece (Satire)

Following roughly six months of rumored drug usage, confrontational tweets, and general erratic behavior, it has been revealed that “Amanda Bynes” is really just a piece of elaborate performance art Continue Reading →

John Edwards calls being a father the “proudest achievment” of his awful life (Satire)

In a fundraising email to supporters on Father’s Day morning, John Edwards wrote, “I know I’ve done a lot of awesome things in my life and that I’m really just Continue Reading →

The BRADcast: The Joys of a Lazy Summer

I have done absolutely nothing for more than two weeks.  And what’s more, I couldn’t care less!  Graduate school is hard, and when there are periods of time when no Continue Reading →