Strange Twists: Lincoln MKZ TV Commercial, ‘Lincoln Concierge’

This is a segment called Strange Twists, which is where we will take a look at seemingly out of place comments or events in otherwise normal things. Books, commercials, films – when we find something that doesn’t seem to fit, we’ll post it here.

Lincoln is pushing their new “Lincoln Concierge” service and apparently the message of the commercials is…well, to be honest, I’m not sure what the message is. Genuinely no idea. Watch the video and see if you can tell me, but pay particularly close attention around 0:17.

I’m guessing you can figure out what the Strange Twist is here – why did Lincoln decide to have some random girl walk down a spiral staircase in that commercial? Is there some kind of hidden message here? Something like, “Hey, buy our cars and women will sleep with you!” – or is it trying to be a more family oriented message, something like, “Hey, you and your lovely wife will be so happy with a new Lincoln! You can drive your kids around and you’ll all be safe and happy! It’s the American Dream!” (Side note, a professor I had at Baylor wrote a book called Shiny Objects where he talked about how the American Dream was owning your own home. A home, sillies! Not a Lincoln! Duh!)

Aside from the Strange Twist, I can’t really figure out what the Lincoln Concierge service is from this commercial. Do they meet with you in person or is it all digital? Is this guy hallucinating one second and then discovers she’s gone the next second? Is this some Sixth Sense shit? I CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS COMMERCIAL.

Also, anyone who can afford that nice of an apartment probably isn’t going to buy a Lincoln. This is a stupid commercial…either that or it’s so brilliant, it’s subliminally convinced me to buy a Lincoln MKZ. I’m honestly just not sure at this point.

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4 thoughts on “Strange Twists: Lincoln MKZ TV Commercial, ‘Lincoln Concierge’

  1. jlo

    The “in-person” part of the commercial that cuts to the online conversation is meant to convey that the online service is of such quality that it is just like being in person.

    The girl in the stair case is meant to be the wife/girlfriend. Note that she is still in her sleepwear. He has his coffee and newspaper and a very nice apartment.

    All this is meant to appeal to young professionals, and the message is that the Lincoln is a luxury car for young professionals and that concierge service is an easy way to explore Lincoln products while having your morning coffee (or any time that works for you)- no effort required.

    There is some deeper, more sub conscience messaging here but that is the gist of it.

  2. Cass

    Jilo is spot on with what the commercial is supposed to be saying. And this article is also pretty accurate about how ambiguous this whole marketing push is. I mean, why do I want to talk to a concierge? Can’t I just call the dealership? Are you saying I can’t trust my local Lincoln dealer to help? It’s creating a new middle man and another step in an already lengthy process (buying a car). I don’t know. Just show the car! The MKZ is an awesome vehicle. Hell, it’s the most fuel efficient luxury in America…

    One thing that’s wrong with the article: I don’t know who the writer thinks Lincoln customers are, or who Lincoln is targeting, but it’s a $37,000-$50,000 car. So, yeah, successful people buy them. Or people who want to look/feel successful.

  3. Adrian

    The concierge service is meant to put a friendly, knowledgeable person in front of you, anytime of day WITHOUT having to bother a salesperson, or commit to a particular dealership too early in the process.

    Have your initial questions answered, then contact a dealer to set up an appointment. It’s called customer service.

    A salesperson is trained to end every answer with a question of their own. “When are you coming in” When are you coming in” When are you coming in”

    A concierge won’t do that.

  4. Dude Bob

    Pretty simple. If you’re rich enough to buy a Lincoln, you’re rich enough to have hot women all around you — even the digital concierge made flesh.
    Or, if you buy a Lincoln, hot women will be attracted to you.
    But, yes, there is more to it — the hottie who already is in his home. Not sure you can say for sure that it’s sleepwear she is wearing. And we saw neither the face of the hottie nor the legs of the concierge. Could it be that the concierge came home with him because he is such a studly Lincoln owner?
    Regardless, the equation is Money = Lincoln = Hot Women


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