reddit report: This South African “student” is taking YouTube by storm

The reddit report is a recurring segment here at BoomPopMedia where we take the most interesting threads and findings from reddit and report them here with our own commentary. We do this for two reasons. Firstly, we like to share interesting stories with our readers. Secondly, we like to help people find the original threads since reddit’s search feature sucks.

In less than a day, we’ve already seen this video jump up to over 335,000 views, which is fairly unheard of for a video on a relatively obscure channel. It consists of a South African “student” getting interviewed by local news about his time in school. I use “student” quite loosely because I’m not sure how much studying this guy is actually doing. You owe it to yourself to watch this video:

The incredible thing is that it’s almost impossible to tell whether this guy is joking around or if he’s dead serious. If you look at his facial expressions, he seems totally into it and completely serious:

Image from

Image from

I put this post as a reddit report because it turns out that there’s a pretty vibrant discussion going on over on reddit and my guess is that this would explain the amazing level of popularity this video already has. Qwestions initially posted the video, but pepsibojangles is saying that this is a bit from a comedian. I have no idea and honestly I don’t really care, it’s hilarious either way.

Cover photo from Antonio Zugaldia via Wikimedia Commons. None of the above parties are affiliated with or endorse BoomPopMedia.

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