Random Wikipedia Link of the Night: Dance, Voldo, Dance

Well, Baby Birds, this is a section that I’ll hardly ever do called Random Wikipedia Link of the Night – I need to think up a more clever title – and I’ll be linking to a random article on Wikipedia here, because that’s just the kind of thing we do for our readers. For the people who are fans of Egyptians in the audience, boy do we have a treat for you!

The link of the night is…Dance, Voldo, Dance, which “is a machinima-based music video produced in 2002 by Chris Brandt. The video, created using the fighting game Soulcalibur, features two players both controlling the character Voldo, using existing in-game animation to have the characters perform a synchronized dance to the song “Hot in Herre” by musician Nelly.”

Here’s an excerpt, Baby Birds:

“In February 2002, while listening to music and playing Soulcalibur with Jesse Reklaw with both playing as Voldo, Chris Brandt noticed that because Reklaw didn’t often play video games, he often utilized repetitive motions on the controller to attack. Brandt decided to mimic his gameplay, resulting in what he describes as “an impromptu dance of sorts”. When the music playing in the background changed to “Move Bitch“, Brandt noticed a consistent time interval for all of Voldo’s motions, and had the character’s movement follow the beat of the music. Reklaw noticed and followed in rhythm, entertaining onlookers with the results. Later in September, Brandt met up with Reklaw and other friends, and the subject turned to what had happened in February. Deciding to demonstrate it, the two played against each other using Voldo again, with the characters “dancing” to various songs. Noticing the audience seemed to enjoy the homoerotic nature of Voldo’s animation, and decided to develop something from the concept.

In October, after realizing he lacked the funds to pursue the projects he wanted to, he decided instead to work on the Voldo video project using the song “Hot in Herre”. However, the only partner he had to create the video with was his roommate, who wished to be credited anonymously as “Msr. M.” and initially wanted nothing to do with it. After seeing Brandt work on the concept by himself however, M. decided to help under the stipulation that the project’s schedule fit around his drinking habit. Development of the choreography was completed the next day, and the following five days were devoted to producing the video at five-hour intervals for each day, while the music played through the television via a PlayStation 2‘s audio cable. However by the fifth day, both realized that the music was actually distracting, and Brandt recorded himself counting out the beat of the song. Using this as the audio track, they were able to complete the project easily, and after editing the video Brandt released two versions online, with the latter utilizing the song “Kiss” by Prince.”


I love multiple parts of this article, but I think my favorite part is that “after seeing Brandt work on the concept by himself however, M. decided to help under the stipulation that the project’s schedule fit around his drinking habit.” Yes, it’s important to have priorities when you’re making a very strange music video surrounding one of the strangest characters in all of video gaming. PRIORITIES, MAN!

Article quoted from Wikipedia here.

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