Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters: A Review

…Don’t give me that look. Let me begin by telling you a story: my cousin once came to visit me and his brother – back when we were in college – for a weekend. Being freshman, we were risk takers and didn’t always have the best of judgment. So one night, while some of us were out partying, the rest of us decided to go to the local cinema.

Several members of this group apparently wanted to see a movie called Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Many of us had never heard of said movie, but we didn’t really have any other plans so off to the theaters it was! This journey took place as part of the world’s most uncomfortable car ride ever as only one of us had a car. It was a small sports car. There were six of us.

While the movie was nothing exceptional in the slightest, the majority of us did enjoy it. Well, said cousin came to visit me this weekend and when the two of us decided to see a movie, we noticed that the premiere of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters was tonight and decided to give it shot. Now, let the record show that I went in with zero hopes and expectations for the movie, and in that way, the new Percy Jackson didn’t disappoint.

Film poster from Wikipedia.

Film poster from Wikipedia.

The story follows the events of Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. This time around, he and his team of half-bloods – sons and daughters of the different Gods of Greek mythology – must uncover the Golden Fleece in order to thwart the sinister plans of Luke, the half-blood son of Hermes. The crew must keep him from reviving the titan Cronos, which would lead to the death of the Gods and the rest of world.

The plot itself is nothing spectacular. My cousin and I joked that for the first one, we both had the entire plot predicted within the first forty-five minutes. That being said, if you are a fan of Greek mythology – which means you’re part of the target audience – then it’s easy to predict because you know the mythos. What’s more important, though, is that you shouldn’t really care because you’ll be enjoying the effort to catch all the references.

The acting….well, it’s also exactly what you’d expect. Most of the actors try but none seem to give a memorable performance in the slightest. Logan Lerman (Percy Jakson) and Jake Abel (Luke) in particular seem to give a rather exhausted effort. It’s as if they’re both chronic insomniacs who don’t seem to have much energy to give in their scenes.

The special effects are pretty good. Most of the creatures look nice and while I didn’t see it in 3D, I could see it being the kind of movie that works well in the extra dimension. The directing is a surprise in that it’s actually fairly good. Not award-winning material, mind you, but it’s still nice and at times clever. Oddly enough, it might be one of the movie’s better qualities. Thus, this aids the action set-pieces which are also not half-bad either, which in turn is aided by the good CG.

One thing that was of minor annoyance was the ending. I won’t spoil it but I will say that it leaves something major unanswered in an obvious attempt at another sequel.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is by no means a terrific flick, but I wouldn’t say it’s a bad one either. It’s one of those movies where most everything is good enough to the point where they all work together to make for an entertaining experience, even if it’s nothing substantial under further analysis. Sure, more time could’ve been spent developing the characters. Yeah, the plot could’ve been expounded upon, but the movie never set out to be like that and not every movie deserves to be the next Oscar nominee or cult classic. Some movies are just meant to be enjoyed and ultimately, that’s the kind of feeling I got from it. If you liked the first one then you’ll probably like this one, and if it doesn’t sound like your thing, then don’t bother.

Conclusion: 7/10

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