Must Watch Videos: Daniel’s Bar Mitzvah – SAVE THE DATE

Morning, Baby Birds! Based on a suggestion from a non-reader, I have a pretty fun video for you all this morning. Some kid – apparently named Daniel (I don’t really research these things) – wanted to be the coolest kid in town, so he made a rap video to announce his Bar Mitzvah. When your town is as big as Atlanta, you’ve got to go all out if you want be the coolest and Daniel did.

I though Jews couldn’t eat pork, which is weird because this kid went H.A.M. I love all of the entirely unnecessary celebrity cameos. I have no idea how this kid is that connected in the Atlanta scene, but bravo for bringing Shaq into your Bar Mitzvah announcement. I never had Shaq in my Bar Mitzvah announcement…but in fairness, I also never had a Bar Mitzvah.

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