Must Watch Videos: Dance, Voldo, Dance – Original (Nelly – Hot in Herre)

This is an entry in our Must Watch Videos segment, which is where we take a look at some of the best, funniest or most bizarre videos on the Internet. Usually found on YouTube, we’ll post the videos here so that you don’t have to take the time to look all of this up on your own. It’s just one of the many good things we do for our readers here at BoomPopMedia. You’re welcome, America.

So I just posted a Random Wikipedia Link of the Night for Dance, Voldo, Dance, which “is a machinima-based music video produced in 2002 by Chris Brandt. The video, created using the fighting game Soulcalibur, features two players both controlling the character Voldo, using existing in-game animation to have the characters perform a synchronized dance to the song “Hot in Herre” by musician Nelly.” I realized that I should probably post the videos too, so you’re getting a double dose of Voldo tonight, Baby Birds!

Here’s the Nelly-based version, which I think is the more entertaining version…

…and this version, which is I guess what was actually originally released due to copyright concerns or something:

I know I haven’t posted too much lately, but I’m still bringing you high-quality entertainment like this when I can. You’re welcome, Baby Birds!

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