Justin Robinett covers John Legend’s “All of Me”

After the past two videos I’ve posted, it’s clearly time for some kind of actually high-brow content for a change. Whenever I need something classy, there’s an obvious person to turn to: Justin Robinett. And this time he’s covering John Legend’s song All Of Me. It’s hard to imagine something much classier than that, so obviously by posting this, I’m good for like several more low-brow videos.

The last time I posted something about Justin Robinett, it was when him and Michael Henry covered O Holy Night, which means that I haven’t posted any of their videos since like Christmas. Since December 27th, to be exact. Clearly that’s too long to go without posting anything from Justin Robinett, so I’ll try not to let that happen again.

Cover photo from mhjrmusic.com. None of the above parties are affiliated with or endorse BoomPopMedia.

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