Is Katie Kays your new “Sexual Habit”?

Long time, no chirp, Baby Birds!

Katie Kays is one of the most sought-after performers on LiveJasmin, where she gives private shows over live webcams. You can follow her on Twitter at @KatieKays_XXX (her Twitter feed is frequently NSFW) where she regularly posts updates about her work on LiveJasmin and other sites. She’s a friend of BPM and even did a segment of Important Questions with us.

Well, apparently, LiveJasmin is holding a new contest to celebrate J Rand’s new song “Sexual Habit,” which you can listen to below:

The song is dedicated to the girls of LiveJasmin, so they decided to host a contest where the girls were encouraged to dance and lip-sync to the song in whatever way they saw fit. Whichever girls make the videos with the most likes get prize money, so obviously we want to help out a friend of BPM.

Katie has entered the contest and has posted the link to her entry and further information on her Twitter account, @KatieKays_XXX. Unfortunately, embedding the video directly here would probably be a violation of our agreement with our advertisers, but if you follow Katie on Twitter, you should easily be able to find the video and watch it for yourself.

Get to it, Bird Flock!

Cover photo provided by Katie Kays. All performers on LiveJasmin, including Katie Kays, must be above the age of 18. None of the above parties are affiliated with or endorse BoomPopMedia.

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