How To Draw Things: Klaus from American Dad

Based on the positive feedback we’ve received from our Must Watch Videos on how to draw things, we’ve decided to spin it off into its own new segment, which is creatively being called How To Draw Things. We’re pretty creative here at BoomPopMedia.

In the last segment of How To Draw Things, I finally got around to including a Seth MacFarlane cartoon character (Peter Griffin) and wrote the following:

So I was watching Family Guy and trying to decide on a subject for a new segment of How To Draw Things when I realized that we actually haven’t done any segments dedicated to Family Guy characters. That seems like a somewhat notable gap in the How To Draw Things collection, so I figured I’d start plugging that hole (giggity) with a How To Draw Things edition dedicated to the Family Guy himself, Peter Griffin.

This actually wasn’t the first time I’d included a Seth MacFarlane creation – the first was Ted from MacFarlane’s film, which you may recall was called Ted. I figured with Ted and Family Guy out of the way, it was time to knock out something from American Dad as well. Why not Klaus?

In my humble opinion, Klaus is a bit underused on the show. I think he’s one of the funniest characters and deserves a bit more screen time than he generally gets. That having been said, he’s now the first character from the show to make the cut for our world-famous How To Draw Things segment and that’s a hell of a consolation prize.

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