Concept Car Preview: The 2014/2015? Mitsubishi L200/Triton

Above is the previous generation L200, which looks nothing like the new concept.

Here in the Good Old US of A we like trucks. Chevy and Ford Have the two top-selling vehicles in the country with their F-150 and Silverado 1500 respectively. Americans like their trucks big, loud, and able to carry lots of stuff. The US has big roads to carry these trucks, and comparatively cheap fossil fuels to power them.

Most places in the world still need trucks, but they need more economical smaller trucks that will fit on cramped roads and sip fuel. These markets, like Thailand, are dominated by vehicles like the Isuzu D-MAX and the Toyota Hilux that fit these needs. These small trucks aren’t probably going to ever be a hit in the US, but in other countries they’re a big deal.

At this years Geneva Auto Show, Mitsubishi debuted their newest entry into the class with the preproduction GR-HEV, which will probably be the new L200/Triton. This review from Car and Driver should suffice to let you know about the truck’s Hybrid Diesel Engine and how it looks really weird. I halfway expect the damn thing to fly at some point. This is some George Jetson Shit!

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