Richard Sherman’s post-game interview with Erin Andrews

Since I already posted that Richard Sherman is in a new Beats commercial, I figured I might as well actually put up the post-game interview with Erin Andrews that is Continue Reading →

Thursday Night Football: Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars – Battle to the Bottom

Tonight on Thursday Night Football, the Houston Texans will face off against the Jacksonville Jaguars, which should be a real race to the bottom. The Texans are really quite bad Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning 4 PREZ

Unlike the current POTUS, Peyton Manning can handle pressure and make believers out of even his most critical critics. After passing for a record seven touchdowns in a blowout win Continue Reading →

Football Season and Communicating

Football season is just around the corner, which means if your significant other is anything like mine, you’ll notice a drastic reduction in affection and time spent communicating. As a Continue Reading →

Soccer, re-enacted by the minions of Despicable Me

While Daniel Pope may be convinced that the Minions are walking migraine inducers, I personally think that they’re hilarious. Confession time: I haven’t seen Despicable Me 2 yet, but I Continue Reading →

A Few Parting Thoughts From a Lakers Fan to Dwight Howard

This piece is of the assumption that Dwight Howard will be signing with the Houston Rockets, which–within the last hour–is apparently no longer a given. Howard is reportedly back on Continue Reading →

Is the Miami Heat the Most Hated Team in the NBA?

As soon as LeBron uttered these words, it was all over. Yes. The Miami Heat are the most hated team in the NBA. The Big 3 First, LeBron. He thinks Continue Reading →

Discussing the Players Taken in the NBA Draft

Ok readers, here’s how this works: I came up with five questions regarding the players taken in this year’s NBA Draft, and posed these questions to some of BoomPop’s sportswriters. Continue Reading →

Who exactly was Odin Lloyd? (Wikipedia is no help.)

If you’re like me, then you’re probably somewhat curious who exactly Odin Lloyd was. My initial thought when researching anything is to go to Wikipedia, but in this situation, the Continue Reading →

City of Fallen Angels: Hard Times in L.A. Sports

When originally sitting down to write this column, I had the intent of starting with a startling fact about how many championships have been won by sports teams in and Continue Reading →

What will become of Tebow and Brady?

Recently the New England Patriots signed the versatile Tim Tebow. Some speculate he will become a tight end for the Patriots as they are dealing with multiple issues in that Continue Reading →

Double Dribble: Tony Parker’s Thought Process

There has been a lot of chatter recently about Tony Parker allegedly double dribbling before hitting a jumper that sealed game one. Obviously Heat fans will say he double dribbled Continue Reading →

Goodell Suspends Hernandez Indefinitely For “Being a Potential Suspect in a Potential Murder Investigation” (Satire)

In response to the recent news that Aaron Hernandez, tight end for the New England Patriots, is being investigated in relation to the shooting death of a man found about Continue Reading →

They Play Defense in the NBA and Other Harsh Truths

Welcome to a special Your Life is Meaningless and Other Harsh Truths. Whenever I talk about the NBA with people, some critic (we’ll call him or her our “Moronic Critic”) Continue Reading →

Basebrawl Breakdown: Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks

     Using the term “brawl” to describe any fight in a sporting event is typically similar to describing UFC fighting as a “sport”. To those of you who enjoy Continue Reading →

A Groan-Worthy Signing

     If you live in a box, you may have missed the news that Tim Tebow got signed by the New England Patriots. On its face, this story appears Continue Reading →