The Daily Show takes on Army hairstyle regulations

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been fairly impressed by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO. I wrote that “if you’re not watching Last Week Tonight, you should be. Continue Reading →

Classic Biden: Vice President Biden steals the heart of a biker chick

This is an entry in a very special segment called Classic Biden, which is where we’ll be taking a look at some of the best moments in Joe Biden’s history. Joe Continue Reading →

Chris Matthews and the thrill up his leg

In my last piece about Auburn defeating Alabama in this year’s Iron Bowl, I made a reference to Chris Matthews getting a thrill up his leg. Any chance to make Continue Reading →

Strange Twists: Sen. Lamar Alexander explains that video games are bigger problem than guns

This is a segment called Strange Twists, which is where we will take a look at seemingly out of place comments or events in otherwise normal things. Books, commercials, films Continue Reading →

High-speed rail in Kansas City

In the Must Watch Video piece about Elon Musk, I mentioned my support for mass transit. Because of this, I figured you all might enjoy reading a piece I wrote Continue Reading →

Of Old Politicians

All this talk about the Democrats using the “nuclear option” to force a vote on several of President Obama’s nominees for various governmental posts has got me thinking about something. Continue Reading →

All in the Family: Political Socialization

A new article came out this week in the Journal of Politics on political socialization. The authors found that men raised with sisters are more likely to consider themselves Republicans. Continue Reading →

Put Your Money Where Your Bumper Sticker Is

Let me begin by saying that despite my son’s (Joshua of BoomPopMedia) vast knowledge of politics, I am woefully inadequate to discuss most political topics with any depth. However, I Continue Reading →

In Praise of Dick Morris

I could probably get kicked out of the Democratic Party for saying this, but I love Dick Morris, the Clinton strategist-turned Republican-turned author-turned Fox News “analyst.”  He also calls himself Continue Reading →

Where has Biden been?

The controversy about where the U.S. Vice President has been is raging all over the internet. After weeks of being vocal about his stand, his sudden silence is deemed by Continue Reading →

Student Loans: Some Practical Reflections

If you’ve looked at Facebook or Twitter the past couple days, you may have seen people advocating for Congress to stop the interest rate on Subsidized Stafford Student Loans from Continue Reading →

Mom was Right: Don’t Talk Politics in Public

A year ago this summer, I was in between programs of graduate study and I took a part-time job at the local Home Depot store. It was actually a very Continue Reading →

Think You’re Pro-Life? Benjamin Corey Disagrees

Earlier today, I came across this gem of moral and political philosophy.  It’s title, “10 Things You Can’t Do and Still Call Yourself ‘Pro-Life’” inexplicably intrigued me.  Looking back, it Continue Reading →

Opinion: If You’re an Ex-Felon, Tough Luck, You Can Starve…

In case you hadn’t noticed, felons are not human beings, they’re monsters. Unlike the rest of us, they don’t live on air, water, and food. No, what felons do, is Continue Reading →

Recent Decisions Dispel Myth of Activist Court

In recent years, my liberal friends have often complained about Supreme Court justices legislating from the bench.  In their view, the justices are nothing but ideologues looking for any way, Continue Reading →

Immigration Reform Offers Republicans a Chance to Hit Reset Button Among Latinos

Republicans have taken to political websites and blogs in recent weeks take a stand against a new package of immigration laws now making its way through the U.S. Senate.  The Continue Reading →

Words Among Friends: Opinions on Capital Punishment

…this ain’t Scrabble, it’s real life (and death)! In light of the recent controversy occurring in Colorado on the subject of Capital Punishment, Dustin McGowen and the Junior Senator thought Continue Reading →

Political Opinion: Chris Christie, the Republican who acts kind of like a Democrat

If the emperor had no clothes, Chris Christie would be the first to yell that at him. It turns out that people are asking an interesting question rather frequently: Is Continue Reading →