The US is totally not monitoring Chancellor Merkel’s phone

There have been some allegations that the U.S. has been listening in on Chancellor Merkel’s phone, which she is none too pleased about. The White House, however, released a press Continue Reading →

You can buy Ron Paul’s old car. Seriously.

The Ron Paul Institute is currently doing a fundraiser and whoever donates the most money gets Ron Paul’s old car. The amazing thing is that it (apparently) doesn’t cost nearly Continue Reading →

ABC News has amazing coverage of the Ryan Ferguson appeal

I don’t know how many of you follow crime news, but one of the most interesting cases out there is that of Ryan Ferguson, a man from Columbia, Missouri who Continue Reading →

Jimmy Kimmel found that people support the Affordable Care Act much more than Obamacare

I love this clip from Jimmy Kimmel. He found that people like the pieces of Obamacare but don’t really like the whole thing. Perhaps because of the moniker, I suppose. Continue Reading →

Stocks are rising during a government shutdown – how is that possible?

Since Krystal Ball and Abbey Huntsman are both super hot, I was watching The Cycle today when they mentioned that the stock market actually was positive today despite the government Continue Reading →

Greenwald and Scahill team up to take on the NSA

The Huffington Post is reporting that Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill have teamed up to produce a report about the NSA and a “U.S. assassination program.” Jenny Barchfield writes that: Continue Reading →

Secretary of State John Kerry did a live chat about Syria on Google+

Secretary of State John Kerry did a live chat/interview about the crisis in Syria on a Google+ hangout. Admittedly, I haven’t watched this whole thing yet because it’s just shy Continue Reading →

In non-VMA related news, CNN is reporting on the increasingly difficult situation in Syria

In non-VMA related news, CNN is reporting on the increasingly difficult situation in Syria. It’s worth reading the article in order to remember some perspective: U.N. inspectors examined one of Continue Reading →

Ari Melber destroys Newt Gingrich

Rane will admittedly be upset with me for posting this, but I think Newt Gingrich is one of the worst people involved in American politics. His recent issue is that Continue Reading →

Google Glass Report: Attempts to ban – already? Really?

Yet again, Baby Bids, I can’t sleep and whenever that happens, I wind up doing at least one Google Glass Report for you all. This is one of the more Continue Reading →

George Zimmerman caught speeding while armed in Forney, Texas

Well, Baby Birds, you might as well file this one under “stories that will surprise no one.” According to a article, George Zimmerman was pulled over for speeding in Continue Reading →

All in the Family: Political Socialization

A new article came out this week in the Journal of Politics on political socialization. The authors found that men raised with sisters are more likely to consider themselves Republicans. Continue Reading →

In Praise of Dick Morris

I could probably get kicked out of the Democratic Party for saying this, but I love Dick Morris, the Clinton strategist-turned Republican-turned author-turned Fox News “analyst.”  He also calls himself Continue Reading →

TV still the top source of news, but for how long?

The Gallup organization (yes, the same Gallup that predicted a 7-point Romney win last year) is out with some new numbers on where Americans get their news. I talked a Continue Reading →

Mom was Right: Don’t Talk Politics in Public

A year ago this summer, I was in between programs of graduate study and I took a part-time job at the local Home Depot store. It was actually a very Continue Reading →

Opinion: If You’re an Ex-Felon, Tough Luck, You Can Starve…

In case you hadn’t noticed, felons are not human beings, they’re monsters. Unlike the rest of us, they don’t live on air, water, and food. No, what felons do, is Continue Reading →

Recent Decisions Dispel Myth of Activist Court

In recent years, my liberal friends have often complained about Supreme Court justices legislating from the bench.  In their view, the justices are nothing but ideologues looking for any way, Continue Reading →

DOMA Report: Statement from Rep. Nancy Pelosi

After the ruling regarding the Defense of Marriage Act, BoomPopMedia has reached out to various members of government for statements about the ruling. After speaking with a representative in her Continue Reading →

Immigration Reform Offers Republicans a Chance to Hit Reset Button Among Latinos

Republicans have taken to political websites and blogs in recent weeks take a stand against a new package of immigration laws now making its way through the U.S. Senate.  The Continue Reading →