The Daily Show takes on Army hairstyle regulations

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been fairly impressed by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO. I wrote that “if you’re not watching Last Week Tonight, you should be. Continue Reading →

This deeply important – let’s make MLB’s Opening Day a national holiday

Over on, there is an effort to declare Major League Baseball Opening Day a national holiday. The authors of the petition write: MLB Opening Day is more than just Continue Reading →

Piers Morgan Throwback: Glenn Beck predicted he would blame his failure on the gun lobby

It’s time for a Piers Morgan Throwback: about a year ago, Glenn Beck predicted that Piers Morgan would blame his show’s failure on the gun lobby. This turned out to Continue Reading →

Let’s take a look at Piers Morgan’s interview with Greg Ball!

Today here at BPM, we’ll likely be doing nothing but celebrating the fact that Piers Morgan’s show on CNN was cancelled. An obvious way to celebrate is to look at Continue Reading →

Piers Morgan’s show has been cancelled

Sometimes something happens that is so beautiful, it becomes hard to even believe it’s true. This is one of those moments: Piers Morgan’s show on CNN was cancelled. I have Continue Reading →

How To Draw Things: Ron Paul (as a Founding Father)

Based on the positive feedback we’ve received from our Must Watch Videos on how to draw things, we’ve decided to spin it off into its own new segment, which is Continue Reading →

Throwback: Gingrich gets confused on sports too

Edit: YouTube won’t let me embed the timestamp for some reason on this video, but the question I’m talking about is at the 1:24:15 mark. You can just click here Continue Reading →

Classic Biden: Vice President Biden steals the heart of a biker chick

This is an entry in a very special segment called Classic Biden, which is where we’ll be taking a look at some of the best moments in Joe Biden’s history. Joe Continue Reading →

Throwback Tunes: (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay – Otis Redding

Throwback Tunes is a special segment on BoomPopMedia where we will take a look at a classic song of some kind. Classic is defined loosely and is pretty much just Continue Reading →

Chris Matthews and the thrill up his leg

In my last piece about Auburn defeating Alabama in this year’s Iron Bowl, I made a reference to Chris Matthews getting a thrill up his leg. Any chance to make Continue Reading →

The US is totally not monitoring Chancellor Merkel’s phone

There have been some allegations that the U.S. has been listening in on Chancellor Merkel’s phone, which she is none too pleased about. The White House, however, released a press Continue Reading →

You can buy Ron Paul’s old car. Seriously.

The Ron Paul Institute is currently doing a fundraiser and whoever donates the most money gets Ron Paul’s old car. The amazing thing is that it (apparently) doesn’t cost nearly Continue Reading →

ABC News has amazing coverage of the Ryan Ferguson appeal

I don’t know how many of you follow crime news, but one of the most interesting cases out there is that of Ryan Ferguson, a man from Columbia, Missouri who Continue Reading →

Jimmy Kimmel found that people support the Affordable Care Act much more than Obamacare

I love this clip from Jimmy Kimmel. He found that people like the pieces of Obamacare but don’t really like the whole thing. Perhaps because of the moniker, I suppose. Continue Reading →

Stocks are rising during a government shutdown – how is that possible?

Since Krystal Ball and Abbey Huntsman are both super hot, I was watching The Cycle today when they mentioned that the stock market actually was positive today despite the government Continue Reading →

Greenwald and Scahill team up to take on the NSA

The Huffington Post is reporting that Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill have teamed up to produce a report about the NSA and a “U.S. assassination program.” Jenny Barchfield writes that: Continue Reading →

Secretary of State John Kerry did a live chat about Syria on Google+

Secretary of State John Kerry did a live chat/interview about the crisis in Syria on a Google+ hangout. Admittedly, I haven’t watched this whole thing yet because it’s just shy Continue Reading →

Strange Twists: Sen. Lamar Alexander explains that video games are bigger problem than guns

This is a segment called Strange Twists, which is where we will take a look at seemingly out of place comments or events in otherwise normal things. Books, commercials, films Continue Reading →

In non-VMA related news, CNN is reporting on the increasingly difficult situation in Syria

In non-VMA related news, CNN is reporting on the increasingly difficult situation in Syria. It’s worth reading the article in order to remember some perspective: U.N. inspectors examined one of Continue Reading →

High-speed rail in Kansas City

In the Must Watch Video piece about Elon Musk, I mentioned my support for mass transit. Because of this, I figured you all might enjoy reading a piece I wrote Continue Reading →

Ari Melber destroys Newt Gingrich

Rane will admittedly be upset with me for posting this, but I think Newt Gingrich is one of the worst people involved in American politics. His recent issue is that Continue Reading →

Google Glass Report: Attempts to ban – already? Really?

Yet again, Baby Bids, I can’t sleep and whenever that happens, I wind up doing at least one Google Glass Report for you all. This is one of the more Continue Reading →

George Zimmerman caught speeding while armed in Forney, Texas

Well, Baby Birds, you might as well file this one under “stories that will surprise no one.” According to a article, George Zimmerman was pulled over for speeding in Continue Reading →

Onion Report: Street performers making millions!

Well, Baby Birds, apparently you all loved the last Onion Report, so I might start doing it as a semi-regular segment here at BoomPopMedia. The Onion can be really hit Continue Reading →

Onion Report: Judge rules white girl will be tried as black adult

Hi, Baby Birds! Normally this Mama Bird tries to only bring original content, but since the Onion is encouraging people to embed this video elsewhere, I figured I might as Continue Reading →