How To Draw Things: Waluigi

Based on the positive feedback we’ve received from our Must Watch Videos on how to draw things, we’ve decided to spin it off into its own new segment, which is Continue Reading →

It looks like Waluigi is not be making it into SSB4

I have very bad news for you all, Baby Birds. It looks like Waluigi is not be making it into SSB4. According to Sakurai’s account on Miiverse: Pic of the Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Luigi Meets Waluigi

Why have I not found this video sooner? Does it replace the crotch chop? Tell me in the new BoomPopForums, where I will be in charge of all things Waluigi Continue Reading →

In Defense of Wario

BoomPopMedia loves Waluigi. We love that spindly, evil crotch chopper so much that he is an archive category on our site. However, claims have been made that his partner in tomfoolery, Wario, is Continue Reading →

List O’ Games: 5 returning characters who could be made into duos

The Ice Climbers are some of the most interesting characters in the Super Smash Bros. series, largely because of the fact that you’re playing as two characters. Granted, one of Continue Reading →

Super Smash Bros. 4 Preview: Wario vs. Villager

As we’ve previously written here at BoomPopMedia, the Villager is an interesting (read: creepy) character for Nintendo to include in the new Super Smash Bros. game. Another character who will Continue Reading →

Smash Brothers Report: Developers considering downloadable content

According to EventHubs, the developers of the new Super Smash Bros. game are open to the possibility of including downloadable content (DLC) at some point for the game, although it Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Waluigi’s Crotch Chop Celebration!

Morning, Baby Birds. Here at BoomPopMedia, we strive to bring you only high brow content. No pandering to the lowest common denominator here, only intellectually stimulating content. Obviously a video Continue Reading →

List O’ Games: 5 Reasons Waluigi Has to be a Playable Character in the New Super Smash Bros. Games

Who’s your favorite character in the Nintendo universe? Waluigi? Fantastic, that’s exactly who I was going to say!! Just because he’s closely affiliated with Wario (who sucks) doesn’t mean he’s Continue Reading →

List O’ Games: Ten character suggestions for Super Smash Bros. 4

So far today, we’ve gotten a lot of information in about Super Smash Bros. 4 including some information on the character roster for the upcoming game, which you can view Continue Reading →