Last Week Tonight takes a look at gay marriage…in the Nintendo universe

We post a lot about various Nintendo characters here, mainly because I am obsessed with linear fighters and Smash Bros. is pretty much the premier linear fighter series of our Continue Reading →

This Wheel of Fortune guess is going viral, so I guess I’ll post it.

This Wheel of Fortune guess is going viral and people keep posting this video on Facebook, so I guess I’ll go ahead and post it here on BPM. Somehow, this Continue Reading →

Chelsea Handler puts it to Piers Morgan on his show. It’s awesome.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I just despise Piers Morgan. I really celebrated when CNN announced that his show was getting cancelled. He’s had previous interviews where Continue Reading →

All right, Baby Birds…here is Gemma Arterton on Conan.

All right, Baby Birds. Earlier this morning, I made a joke about how obsessed you all are with Gemma Arteron. I justified putting up another Must Watch Video by saying Continue Reading →

Piers Morgan Throwback: Glenn Beck predicted he would blame his failure on the gun lobby

It’s time for a Piers Morgan Throwback: about a year ago, Glenn Beck predicted that Piers Morgan would blame his show’s failure on the gun lobby. This turned out to Continue Reading →

Let’s take a look at Piers Morgan’s interview with Greg Ball!

Today here at BPM, we’ll likely be doing nothing but celebrating the fact that Piers Morgan’s show on CNN was cancelled. An obvious way to celebrate is to look at Continue Reading →

Piers Morgan’s show has been cancelled

Sometimes something happens that is so beautiful, it becomes hard to even believe it’s true. This is one of those moments: Piers Morgan’s show on CNN was cancelled. I have Continue Reading →

Fred Armisen will be leading the band on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers announced on Twitter today that Fred Armisen will be leading the band on his new Late Night show. He wrote that: Fred will curate and lead the band, Continue Reading →

Mediocre Films mocks the Super Bowl commercials

As many of you may already know, we love Mediocre Films here at BPM. I think I posted like 8 million or so of their videos from DragonCon 2013 and Continue Reading →

Red Bull TV joins the Apple TV line-up

I’m a huge fan of Apple TV…we’ve actually got multiple in my house. Some of my roommates have the newest version of the device in their rooms and/or the living Continue Reading →

Bill Hader’s Star Wars impressions are awesome

I saw that this was trending on Facebook today, so I looked around on YouTube to figure out what the big deal was. I’m glad I did because Bill Hader’s Continue Reading →

Waking Up with Karl Stefanovic: Get out of my pants!

Due to the popularity of our Must Watch Videos where we’ve looked at Karl Stefanovic and his hilariously awesome and awkward interviews on Today, we’re spinning them off into their Continue Reading →

Pitbull’s Dr. Pepper commerical: /1 Pitbull

In my most recent edition of How To Draw Things, I mentioned that it turns out that Dr. Pepper maybe isn’t the best thing for bears to be drinking. That Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Portlandia : Dream of the 90s – Portlandia on IFC

So I know that I’m a tad behind the times with this Must Watch Video, but I’ve just recently gotten into Portlandia and I absolutely loved the opening clip of Continue Reading →

Titties and Dragons: A Preview

In my last post – which was on how to draw Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat – I mentioned that I was just phoning it in because I was more Continue Reading →

Chris Matthews and the thrill up his leg

In my last piece about Auburn defeating Alabama in this year’s Iron Bowl, I made a reference to Chris Matthews getting a thrill up his leg. Any chance to make Continue Reading →

SNL had a terrific spoof of the Obamacare website disaster

As Matt Hunter loves to remind me whenever he possibly can, we very seldom cover anything of actual importance here at BoomPopMedia. Is posting a SNL skit actually news? No, Continue Reading →

Legend of Korra: Does “Beginnings” present a plot hole?

So ratings are up and the two part episode “Beginnings” has been critically praised as one of the best of the Korra series, but there’s been some debate about the Continue Reading →

Amy Schumer: Inside the 5-K

Amy Schumer‘s show, which is appropriately titled Inside Amy Schumer, is absolutely awesome. If you haven’t ever watched it, you’re really missing out. Since Amy Schumer is pretty much our Continue Reading →

Apparently Parks and Recreation is on hiatus

Vulture is reporting that Parks and Recreation is apparently on hiatus. Today, Joseph Adalian is reporting that: Late on Friday, NBC announced a slew of schedule changes, as well as Continue Reading →

Cosplay Tutorials: Korra from The Legend of Korra

This is a post in our recurring segment, Cosplay Tutorials, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Based on the popularity of some of our previous posts, we’ll Continue Reading →

Legend of Korra: Ratings are actually showing improvement

So as we’ve mentioned before, the ratings for The Legend of Korra have been incredibly disappointing and hit an all-time low a few episodes back. Luckily, however, things are starting Continue Reading →

Conan highlights the absurdity in coverage of Mike Meyers’ new kid

I remember when Alex Trebek had a heart-attack and nearly every news agency made the same stupid joke – “Alex Trebek was jeopardized by a heart attack.” Not only was Continue Reading →

Dylan Ratigan’s rant (from two years ago) is going viral today

Today, I saw this video for the first time. It’s just now going viral due to the recent budget crisis/government shutdown/circus/whatever you want to call it. It took me a Continue Reading →

KFC’s comically stereotypical commercials

These two guys are some of my favorite people in any commercial ever: I got to hang out with my boy D-Peezy this weekend (Daniel Pope, you cretins) and we Continue Reading →