Words Among Friends: Twitch Plays Pokemon

I realized that we haven’t done an entry in our Words Among Friends segment since I posted a preview of our upcoming song review piece – a piece which obviously Continue Reading →

A preview of the next Words Among Friends

So believe it or not, our Words Among Friends pieces actually take some genuine effort. Trying to get this ragtag bunch of writers together is much like herding cats. As Continue Reading →

Discussing the Players Taken in the NBA Draft

Ok readers, here’s how this works: I came up with five questions regarding the players taken in this year’s NBA Draft, and posed these questions to some of BoomPop’s sportswriters. Continue Reading →

Words Among Friends: Roommate Etiquette with Brad and Josh

Hello there… Sir Bradrey here.  As most everyone around here knows, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of co-habitating over the past nine months with BoomPop’s esteemed commander in chief, Sir Continue Reading →

Words Among Friends: Opinions on Capital Punishment

…this ain’t Scrabble, it’s real life (and death)! In light of the recent controversy occurring in Colorado on the subject of Capital Punishment, Dustin McGowen and the Junior Senator thought Continue Reading →