Google Glass: Glass used to film an iPhone 5S getting shot with a 50 Cal rifle

In one of our earliest Google Glass Reports, I posted a video of someone doing yo-yo tricks and filming it on Glass. Well, I can safely say I’ve found a Continue Reading →

Google Glass: A review after two months of use

I haven’t done a report on Google Glass in a while, but it seems to me that the honeymoon phase is kind of wearing off and maybe people aren’t as Continue Reading →

Google Glass: Glass already banned in many places

I’ve already previously mentioned the attempts to ban Google Glass while driving, but this video explains that the banning actually has already gone much further. Google Glass is now banned Continue Reading →

Google Glass: A basic introduction from someone other than Google

I’ve previously posted a very basic introduction to Google Glass, but it was a video made by Google themselves and I wanted to get something up from someone other than Continue Reading →

Google Glass: CNET’s top 5 uses for Google Glass

Although the guy narrating this video is somewhat annoying, his top 5 reasons that Google Glass actually could be cool are pretty interesting. I’m still a bit skeptical as to Continue Reading →

Google Glass: How comfortable is Google Glass?

How comfortable is Google Glass? It seems like a relatively obvious question, but there’s actually been very few reports coming out that focus exclusively on whether or not Google Glass Continue Reading →

Google Glass: New Yorkers react

So the guys over at mashable took Google Glass out for a test run in the middle of New York City to see if people would be interested in using Continue Reading →

Google Glass Report: Hypothetical problems with taking photos on Google Glass

Well, Baby Birds, it’s time for another slightly less serious version of the Google Glass Report. This video from takes a funny look at how using Google Glass for Continue Reading →

Google Glass Report: Attempts to ban – already? Really?

Yet again, Baby Bids, I can’t sleep and whenever that happens, I wind up doing at least one Google Glass Report for you all. This is one of the more Continue Reading →

Google Glass Report: A very basic introduction

For the Google Glass Report, this is probably the video I should have actually started with. It’s a how-to guide from Google on the very basic elements of navigating the Continue Reading →

Google Glass Report: Washington Post takes a test drive

Afternoon, Baby Birds! In a slightly more serious entry in the Google Glass Report than our last one, we’ll be taking a look at the Washington Post’s test drive of Continue Reading →

Google Glass Report: Google Glass & Dating

Evening, Baby Birds! Since I know I was kind of a downer yesterday with all of my serious stuff, it’s time for a more light-hearted Google Glass Report! Comedian Dartanion Continue Reading →

Google Glass Report: Google Glass Video – Yo-Yo Tricks

All right, Baby Birds, last post of the night (probably) from me and then I’m going to bed. I keep hearing really mixed things about Google Glass. Apparently some people Continue Reading →