Firefox OS: Firefox OS on Xperia™ E

Admittedly, this may not be the most exciting Firefox OS Report, but I haven’t done one in a while so I wanted to put something up. Sony has been experimenting Continue Reading →

Firefox OS: The first phones, side-by-side

In this edition of the Firefox OS report, The Verge takes a look at the Alcatel OneTouch Fire and the ZTE Open, which are the first two phones really operating Continue Reading →

Firefox OS: Geeksphone Keon

Now that we’ve established that the Firefox OS is actually something you Baby Birds should really care about, I figured I would take a minute to walk you all through Continue Reading →

Firefox OS: Why should you care?

Why should I care about Firefox OS? It’s a simple enough question and maybe I haven’t done a great job explaining it, so I figured I would post this video Continue Reading →

Firefox OS: Los Angeles Times takes a look

Part of the reason I’m so excited for the Firefox OS is that it’s totally open source and there are no restrictions whatsoever on the development. Apple iOS is far Continue Reading →

Firefox OS: An introduction

As you all are probably aware, I have given a disproportionate amount of attention to Google Glass. I’ve done this because I do think it represents what technology will look Continue Reading →