Wee-Man beats up Steve-O. Because why not?

Apparently Wee-Man decided to stop by and visit Steve-O, which obviously led to shenanigans being filmed between the two of them. It also led to arguably the dumbest YouTube comment Continue Reading →

Andrea from whatever gets spanked (for a prank!)

Judging by our traffic, it’s clear that you Baby Birds love Andrea from whatever. As I’ve said before, it really is tough to blame you – she’s cute and she Continue Reading →

Bo Burnham’s full comedy show (“what.”) is on YouTube

If you don’t have Netflix, you may not have had the chance to see Bo Burnham’s newest comedy show, “what.” It’s all going to be O.K. though, because Mr. Burnham Continue Reading →

ESPN rocks out with a Richard Sherman mockumentary

After his infamous post-game interview, Richard Sherman has become a bit of a sensation. ESPN has released a mini-Richard Sherman mockumentary, writing that “Frank Caliendo’s 30 for 30 mockumentary on Continue Reading →

KSK catches Joe Namath going for a kiss with Kimberly Guilfoyle

One of our favorite sites in the world, Kissing Suzy Kolber, was given an early Christmas/birthday/Chanukah present this year when Joe Namath went for a kiss with Kimberly Guilfoyle, a Continue Reading →

Apparently watching Amy Schumer is educational!

It’s no secret that we love Amy Schumer here at BPM, but what I didn’t realize is that watching her stand-up is actually educational! This video was put up on Continue Reading →

Your Super Bowl prediction is probably more accurate than this guy’s.

Thanks to the guys over at the always awesome Deadspin, this video was brought to my attention. Dr. Shukri David is on some local news program (because I think local Continue Reading →

Bill Hader’s Star Wars impressions are awesome

I saw that this was trending on Facebook today, so I looked around on YouTube to figure out what the big deal was. I’m glad I did because Bill Hader’s Continue Reading →

Jon Lajoie wants to send you a Christmas text

The last time we posted a song from Jon Lajoie, he was busy making fun of our reaction to Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. This time around, however, I guess Continue Reading →

What does Russell Peters call people when he doesn’t like them?

Much like Alison Brie, apparently you Baby Birds cannot get enough of Russell Peters. We’ve posted three of his bits in the past – Women are thinkers, How to become Continue Reading →

It really is amazing that Steve-O didn’t face some jail time for this one

When Steve-O isn’t standing there and getting shot in the ass by Machine Gun Kelly with a BB gun or quite possibly giving himself cancer by going through an airport Continue Reading →

Steve-O went through an airport X-Ray machine

As I’ve mentioned on here before, Steve-O has a YouTube channel and it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect it to be. He does things like stand there and Continue Reading →

Cosplay Tutorials: Minions

This is a post in our recurring segment, Cosplay Tutorials, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Based on the popularity of some of our previous posts, we’ll Continue Reading →

Steve-O has Machine Gun Kelly shoot him with BB Guns

As I’ve mentioned before, Steve-O of Jackass fame now has his own YouTube channel and it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect. The videos are every bit as brutal Continue Reading →

What is the real meaning of MPH?

So I know I’m probably a little behind on this video since it’s about two years old, but I just saw it yesterday and thought it was hilarious. In this Continue Reading →

Marina Shifrin is interviewed by What’s Trending

Previously, I posted the video of where What’s Trending first took a look at Marina Shifrin‘s resignation. Here was my justification for doing so: Judging by our traffic today, you Continue Reading →

Minions Time: We’ve got a preview of a new mini-movie

Just a little over an hour ago, a preview of a new mini-movie starring the Minions was released on YouTube. Evidently there’s trouble in the mail room and (obviously) the Continue Reading →

Steve-O has a YouTube channel…and it’s exactly what you would expect.

I’m a huge fan of the Jackass series and all of the guys involved in it. Needless to say, I was pretty excited when about a week ago, Steve-O launched Continue Reading →

What’s Trending takes a look at Marina Shifrin’s resignation

Judging by our traffic today, you all seem to be pretty intrigued by Marina Shifrin, who quit her job by dancing to Kanye West’s song Gone. We’ve posted videos from Continue Reading →

Cox n’ Crendor: The amazing Yule Lads series

Cox n’ Crendor is a podcast that occasionally gets animated and put up on YouTube. I honestly don’t know much more about it than that, but they have a series Continue Reading →

That girl who quit her job? Her stand-up is actually pretty funny.

I just posted the video of Marina Shifrin, the girl who quit her job by doing an interpretive dance set to Kanye West’s Gone, which is getting a lot of Continue Reading →

Release the Kraken! – The YouTube mash-up videos

Our newest Must Watch Video explained that we’ve decided today is Release the Kraken Day, so it’s time to start celebrating. Throughout the day, I’ll be posting content related to Continue Reading →

Amy Schumer on “Sway in the Morning”

We don’t really do NSFW tags here at BoomPopMedia, but it’s Amy Schumer on an uncensored radio show, so watch at your own risk. We’ve established that Amy Schumer isn’t Continue Reading →

Boobs man: One of the strangest YouTube videos I have ever seen

We’ve found some weird videos on YouTube. It’s kind of our schtick here. The most dedicated members of the BPM Bird Flock may remember when I posted a video of Continue Reading →