Is Katie Kays your new “Sexual Habit”?

Long time, no chirp, Baby Birds! Katie Kays is one of the most sought-after performers on LiveJasmin, where she gives private shows over live webcams. You can follow her on Continue Reading →

Andrea from whatever gets spanked (for a prank!)

Judging by our traffic, it’s clear that you Baby Birds love Andrea from whatever. As I’ve said before, it really is tough to blame you – she’s cute and she Continue Reading →

Katie Kays will be taking your questions!

Katie Kays is one of the most sought-after performers on LiveJasmin and a good friend of the BPM Network. She has previously done a segment of Important Questions with us. For Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: York Peppermint Patty Commercial “Minerva” (Lisa Porter)

This is an entry in our Must Watch Videos segment, which is where we take a look at some of the best, funniest or most bizarre videos on the Internet. Continue Reading →

Kate Upton in Zero-G. You’re welcome.

So I know we’re a tad bit late with this one, but hits are slow today and I figure maybe this might pick things up a bit. I’m finally getting Continue Reading →

All right, Baby Birds…here is Gemma Arterton on Conan.

All right, Baby Birds. Earlier this morning, I made a joke about how obsessed you all are with Gemma Arteron. I justified putting up another Must Watch Video by saying Continue Reading →

We have an interview with Hoebacca

In my recent post about Avicii, I mentioned that their album is pretty much all I’ve listened to over the past few weeks, aside from the audiobook version of Tatooine Continue Reading →

Rosanna Pansino got to be a Bond Girl

If you’re a fan of Rosanna Pansino on Facebook then you probably already know this, but for the rest of you heathens, I have some fun news: Pansino got to Continue Reading →

Apparently watching Amy Schumer is educational!

It’s no secret that we love Amy Schumer here at BPM, but what I didn’t realize is that watching her stand-up is actually educational! This video was put up on Continue Reading →

Nerdy Nummies does Super Bowl treats

Rosanna Pansino, the creator of Nerdy Nummies, is doing some Super Bowl treats. She explained: I am having a Super Bowl party on Sunday and decided to show you guys Continue Reading →

Alison Brie wants to be in a sequel to Drive

Last night, I watched Only God Forgives again with my father. As BPM Superfans may recall, I had really mixed feelings about the film when I first saw it. But Continue Reading →

A full cosplay photoshoot with Skarlet and Jade!

While I was looking for the video for our Cosplay Tutorial on how to dress up as Skarlet from Mortal Kombat, I had some trouble finding anything I could actually Continue Reading →

Sofia Vergara wears a thong bikini in Mexico…and it’s awesome.

BoomPopMedia has been down for a few days and I figured that the best way to welcome you all back would be to post a picture of Modern Family‘s Sofia Continue Reading →

Alison Brie’s interview on David Letterman

Remember what I said when I posted about the Men’s Health photoshoot with Alison Brie? I don’t have any particularly witty commentary or timely rationale for posting this now. In Continue Reading →

Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Lawrence

Celebrity Crush is a segment where we here at BoomPopMedia take a look at some very crush-worthy celebs – girls AND guys. A little something for everybody. Who: Jennifer Lawrence, Continue Reading →

Apparently Kate Upton really loves Hot Pockets

So I know I haven’t posted very much lately, but I’m happy to announce things are back to normal and I’ll be posting at my usual ridiculous rate of production Continue Reading →

Our favorite Survivor, R.C. Saint-Amour, is evidently quite the baker of pies

There are a lot of things we love here at BoomPopMedia. We love hot girls, pop culture and cooking delicious food. That’s part of the reason we post tons of Continue Reading →

Amy Schumer and her Pro Wrestler ex-boyfriend

Few people dominate talk shows like Amy Schumer. She killed it on Sway in the Morning, which is evidently a real thing. But that wasn’t much of a challenge – Continue Reading →

Nerdy Nummies and the Hello Kitty Caramel Apples

I never thought I’d say this, but I think it might actually be possible to fall in love with someone by just watching their YouTube videos. First, we watched Rosanna Continue Reading →

Nerdy Nummies makes Breaking Bad rock/glass candy

O.K., so making Deadpool-themed cupcakes is awesome. I don’t think anyone would argue with that. But for you Breaking Bad fans, you might want to make something a little darker. Continue Reading →

Throwback Tunes: I’m A Slave 4 U – Britney Spears

Throwback Tunes is a special segment on BoomPopMedia where we will take a look at a classic song of some kind. Classic is defined loosely and is pretty much just Continue Reading →

Nerdy Nummies makes Deadpool-themed cupcakes. It’s as awesome as it sounds.

What’s better than eating Deadpool-themed cupcakes? How about learning how to make Deadpool-themed cupcakes so you can make them yourselves? Wait, you still want something even better? Fine, here’s a Continue Reading →

Anna Akana has a fun YouTube channel

So Anna Akana is an attractive Asian girl who makes funny YouTube videos with an intelligent message or undercurrent. I haven’t ever met many of you Baby Birds, but I’m Continue Reading →

How Andrea from whatever gets a number

Well, Baby Birds, you all have made it clear that you love Andrea from whatever. It really is tough to blame you – she’s cute and she puts people in Continue Reading →

Britney Spears did an S&M-themed video, because it’s about time.

Britney Spears did an S&M-themed video for the song Work B***h, because it’s about time she did an S&M-themed video. All female pop stars have to do that. It’s like Continue Reading →