Bring Pepsiman to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale!

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In a perfect world, Pepsi Man would need no introductions, but unfortunately we live in a fallen world. Pepsiman – I think it can honestly be spelled as either “Pepsi Man” or “Pepsiman” – is an official mascot of Pepsi, but only in Japan. Obviously this is pretty stupid because Pepsiman is awesome, but he has yet to make it over to the U.S…Believe it or not, they eventually made a PlayStation game based on these commercials where you have to run around as Pepsiman trying to find thirsty people. I don’t think that’s life imitating art – it’s more like art imitating art that’s imitating art. It’s like Pepsi-ception.

In related news, the developers of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale have announced that they will no longer be making downloadable content for the game due to lackluster sales of the existing content. Obviously this is very disappointing news for those of us who love the game and had hoped to see the roster continue to expand.

My challenge to Sony Entertainment and PepsiCo is this: introduce Pepsiman to American audiences by adding the character to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Give American audiences a character that Japanese audiences have been able to enjoy for so long while simaltaenously giving fans of PlayStation All-Stars the chance to prove that we are still interested in downloadable content for the game.

Sony Entertainment and PepsiCo could split the cost of development, making it an efficient ad campaign for Pepsi and an efficient way to expand the game for Sony. There’s no downside to this, but it would bring a lot of joy to American gamers.

I’m thirsty for Pepsiman. Help me satisfy my thirst.

Sign the petition to Bring Pepsiman to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.