Big Brother Report: An interesting cast is being wasted on a poorly-executed twist

Obviously there are major spoilers below, so either read it or don’t.

Thanks to Aaryn, who continues to defy expectations and somehow manages to become less and less likable each week, this has been one of the most dramatic Big Brother seasons in recent memory. With every episode, the atmosphere between the various members of the cast gets more and more tense.

The problem is that they’re being wasted on a poorly executed twist. I get that bringing in Elissa was a nice gesture towards fans – especially since there aren’t any returning players this year – but did the producers not see how blatantly unfair it would make the game? Elissa came into the game with a huge fan-base of hardcore Big Brother followers, so obviously she was going to win MVP for the first several weeks. How did producers not make plans to counter this dominance?

Big Brother has had some twists in the past that were pretty unfair – last season, it was clear that offering the coaches the chance to enter the game as players was a rather unfair advantage to them. They had essentially been able to skate by for a few weeks without risk of eviction and, in Dan’s case, even got to outright evict one player themselves. Not exactly fair, but at least it was evened out once the reset took place.

This year? Well, Elissa is being given a huge advantage week after week. Winning Head of Household essentially means nothing more than the Power of Veto – you’re safe for the week and you have some control over the nominees, but there’s no guarantee that you can swing the power in the house or even see one of your opponents go home. McRae’s pick didn’t go home and then Aaryn saw one of her allies go home – what’s the point of winning Head of Household at this point? You’re almost better to just buddy up to Elissa.

If the producers don’t do something drastic soon or the houseguests don’t wisen up, Elissa is going to walk to victory without much of a fight. The problem is that the houseguests don’t have a lot of reason to change. For example, why would Judd or Jessie change their strategy at this point? They have no real reason to go after Elissa…let her pick off the strong players week after week.

Nick was arguably the most interesting player of the season and he was largely a victim of circumstance – sure, there were things he could have done differently to stay, but it really drastically changes the game when even the MVP can backdoor a new player week after week. Backdooring players is already kind of a douchy tactic, but at least you had to win Head of Household to do it. Now Elissa pretty much has that power every week.

Whether you like Jeremy or not, you have to feel a little sorry for the guy. He clearly came to compete and is just getting screwed by the MVP twist. Image from Big Brother Group.

Image from Big Brother Group.

The producers need to figure out a way to make this a little bit more fair and they need to do so quickly, otherwise this is going to be the most one-sided season of Big Brother ever. Perhaps making a rule that you can’t get MVP more than three weeks in a row – which is still probably too much, but it’s a start – or introducing coup d’etat again so that someone like Jeremy might actually have a chance. Whether you like Jeremy or not, you have to feel a little sorry for the guy. He clearly came to compete and is just getting screwed by the MVP twist.

The most frustrating thing is that this could be so easily done. Introduce a Pandora’s Box that does something like this or introduce an America’s Vote to change the game. If this doesn’t happen soon, the villainous/interesting members of the cast (Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy) will probably be the next three evicted and then the strong players (Howard, Spencer, Amanda, McRae) will go immediately after them.

And where will that put us viewers? We’ll be left watching Helen and Elissa pick off floaters until the end of the season. I have nothing against the MomSquad, but that sounds unbelievably boring. If the producers don’t make a change quickly, Big Brother 15 is going to be a complete waste of an exciting cast.

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2 thoughts on “Big Brother Report: An interesting cast is being wasted on a poorly-executed twist

  1. John Presutti

    You can see this twist as something totally different — America (if you believe Big Brother and voting anyway…dah think Coaches back) didnt have to vote for Elissa… and the House guests didnt have to keep her (Twice- already) … Or you can see it as a way of America getting rid of people we know are evil and twisted and who CBS KNEW were evil and twisted… Its a way of America helping the game rid the house of so many vile racist homophobic individuals…. ALSO NOTE… Big Brother is for entertainment purposes and it is NEVER FAIR…. No one ever said this “game” was fair.. So i am in favor of Elissa being in the house and in favor of the MVP which will probably change soon…. We will see what happens… only the votes and players in the game can help Elissa get to the final four… I see her leaving right before jury or during jury but not winning…

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