The Grand Budapest Hotel: A Review

The Grand Budapest Hotel is director Wes Anderson’s latest feature film in his critically-acclaimed repertoire. The film stars Ralph Fiennes (Schindler’s List, The English Patient) as Gustave H., the concierge Continue Reading →

A True Detective Promotional

Depending on if you were born in the last 24 hours or have simply been enjoying your new lease under that rock you find so homey, then you might not Continue Reading →

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa: A Reflection

First of all, even though it’s technically Friday the 29th at this point, happy Thanksgiving anyways to all of the Poppers out there. I hope everyone got to spend the Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning 4 PREZ

Unlike the current POTUS, Peyton Manning can handle pressure and make believers out of even his most critical critics. After passing for a record seven touchdowns in a blowout win Continue Reading →

Must Watch Videos: Bill Gramatica Celebration Fail

Earlier this evening, Mets Pitcher Chad Quails enthusiastically celebrated an inning-ending strike out, which is pretty ironic considering the level of incompetence surrounding the Miami Marlins this year. Anyways, he Continue Reading →