Captain America: The Winter Soldier: A Review

Imagine a world where a secret division of the government controls it all. Where every move is a calculated one against the inattentive masses. Where a multi-billion dollar organization can Continue Reading →

300: Rise of an Empire: A Review

300 was a great movie. Ultra violent spectacles combined with some of the greatest fight scenes ever choreographed to make one of the most tasteless (yet also somehow tasteful) action Continue Reading →

Titanfall: A Review

Balance and ingenuity are two areas that multiplayer focused first person shooters rarely specialize in. But a couple weeks ago, a magnificent game fell out of the sky and managed Continue Reading →

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Next Generation: A Review

Well, here we are! The next generation of gaming has arrived and as I found myself in awe of how cool the Xbox One is to play around with, I Continue Reading →

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Current Generation: A Review

The first “Call of Duty” game was “Modern Warfare” and while I can’t stand it, for both better and worst it shaped how most FPS games would be in the Continue Reading →

Ryse: Son of Rome: A Review

I said in my Call of Duty: Ghosts review that the next generation of gaming was finally here, but that probably wasn’t the best game to review seeing as it Continue Reading →

Batman Arkham Origins: A Review

I remember playing Batman Arkham Asylum, the first in what is now a series of good Batman video games, way back when after I got my PS3. I remembered how Continue Reading →

Beyond Two Souls: A Review

I was originally going to avoid doing this review because I felt like I’d be too biased against it and thus give it a really low rating that it didn’t Continue Reading →

Sonic Lost World (3DS Version): A Review

Recently, the Sonic the Hedgehog series has undergone a magnificent renaissance. Sonic Colors was a surprisingly good Wii game and an even better Sonic game, the likes of which hadn’t Continue Reading →

Gravity: An Alternative Review

You know, being a reviewer isn’t always fun. Yeah, it’s great talking about movies you love and explaining why they’ve earned your adoration. Also, laying a verbal beating on bad Continue Reading →

Machete Kills: A Review

As I sat down to figure out what movie I’d be seeing this weekend, I saw that my choices were as follows: Gravity, a movie about Sandra Bullock and George Continue Reading →

Man of Tai Chi: A Review

I remember when I was younger I used to love watching kung fu movies. This was back when even Jackie Chan’s American movies received generally fair praise and the name Continue Reading →

Insidious Chapter 2: A Review

They say you can get used to anything. If that’s the case, then why haven’t I gotten used to being disappointed by horrible movies? It goes without saying that I Continue Reading →

Riddick: A Review

My word, the second half of the year 2013 has been a bad one for movies. Sure the first half had treats like Oz and Fast and Furious 6, but Continue Reading →

You’re Next: A Review

You know, I really don’t think most film critics have taken in film classes ever. I’m not implying that I’m better than them simply because I’ve taken film classes for Continue Reading →

Resident Evil Revelations: A Review

Last year was a tough one for fans of the Resident Evil series. Operation Raccoon City was an embarrassingly bad take on what could’ve been a nice spin-off series and Continue Reading →

Sharknado: A Review

Every so often, I find a movie that just makes me lose all hope for humanity. I’m finding it hard to believe that such a movie has garnered such a Continue Reading →

Saints Row IV: A Review

Let me tell you a magical tale about the Saints Row series. The first was a generic Grand Theft Auto knock-off and thus isn’t worth talking about. The second saw Continue Reading →

Fuse: A Review

You’re probably wondering what this Fuse game is and why I’m reviewing it. Well, what you need to know is this: trailers and the demo made it look fun and Continue Reading →

Kick Ass 2: A Review

It’s hard for any sequel to meet the high expectations left from a movie that comes out of nowhere, grabs a cliche-ridden genre by the balls and then proceeds to Continue Reading →

Deadpool: A Review

He Deserves Better. MUCH BETTER! Within the first few minutes of playing Deadpool, the player is given the choice of making the titular character take a dump There’s a fitting Continue Reading →

V/H/S/2: A Review

You know, sometimes I wonder if the people who make movies actually want to make money. Take V/H/S, the 2012 shaky cam horror anthology. It only saw a couple of Continue Reading →

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters: A Review

…Don’t give me that look. Let me begin by telling you a story: my cousin once came to visit me and his brother – back when we were in college Continue Reading →