Andrea from whatever gets spanked (for a prank!)

Judging by our traffic, it’s clear that you Baby Birds love Andrea from whatever. As I’ve said before, it really is tough to blame you – she’s cute and she puts people in awkward situations on camera and has unique ways of getting a phone number. Well, I have another one of her videos now for you all. Here she is getting spanked repeatedly for a prank. If there was ever a video designed to get some strange comments on YouTube, this would be it.

An argument could definitely be made that this is low brow content and that we should find better things to post. To this imaginary person, I would point out the following in rebuttal: we are the same people who posted a video where the whole joke was that it was a guy wearing yoga pants. We’ve also posted spanking videos/photos before. Multiple times, actually.

We also posted this gem in our Must Watch Videos segment. Compared to that piece,

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